I began profDSCN0004 (2)essional life as a foreign language teacher but ended up working for 22 years as a senior editor and writer with a major international development agency before turning to freelance commercial writing. Other jobs have included limousine driver, mental health worker, advertising rep, and hired hand on the set of a major Hollywood blockbuster film. I’ve written two books on development programs and numerous reports and articles on everything from fish personalities to Russian pop stars.

I live with my wife in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

This chronicle is about something I love to do: share news, information, humor, and insights gained along the way and every day that might please, amuse or inform others. It’s about bringing others’ attention to what’s caught or occupies my attention–in other words, things I might bring up with friends at a party.

As always, be encouraged to share any of the posts elsewhere; but PLEASE do not re-post or copy without attribution to Lorenzo’s Life Lines. You know the drill…

Welcome and thanks for reading.



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